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Welcome to Zareen Baig Consortium (ZABACO African Ltd).
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A family of companies under one management. We are the Royal Family Business. 

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RSA: +27 (0) 76 020 8399
MALAWI: +265 (0) 993 49 2998
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Royal Prince Headquarters

Zareen Baig Consortium - Malawi

With our Offices in Lilongwe, City Centre, Malawi, Zareen Baig Malawi deals with Electronics, Furniture, Farming, Education and Warehousing Solutions.

The Royal Rainbow Branch

Zareen Baig Consortium - South Africa

With our Offices in Johannesburg, Corporate Centre, Zareen Baig South Africa deals with Electronics, Furniture, Education, Beauty Shops, Hair, Hair Products, Technology and Warehousing Solutions.

The Royal Golden Bird Branch

Zareen Baig Consortium - Zimbabwe

With our Offices in Zimbabwe, Corporate Centre, Zareen Baig Zimbabwe deals with Electronics, Furniture, Farming, Education, Technology and Warehousing Solutions.

The Royal Copper Branch

Zareen Baig Consortium - Zambia

With our Offices in Lusaka, City Centre, Zareen Baig Zambia deals with Electronics, Furniture, Farming, Education, Hair Products, Logistics and Warehousing Solutions

The Royal Island Branch

Zareen Baig Consortium - Madagascar

With our Offices in Antananrivo, Corporate Centre, Madagascar, Zareen Baig Madagascar deals with Electronics, Furniture, Farming, Education and Warehousing Solutions.

Zareen Baig Consortium - ZABACO African Ltd


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